Welcome to Herbspace Community Interest Company.  Founded in 2016, we are a not for profit social enterprise, growing herbs in East Lothian.

We are joined in this endeavour by young people. Herbspace offers them a space where they can spend time, relax and gain confidence, as well as learn gardening skills and connect with nature – elements that all support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Our core purpose is to support these young people as they grow and find their place in the world. In addition through our work and the selling of herbal teas and vinegars we are raising awareness of the importance of young people’s wellbeing in the community.

We have developed a range of herbal teas and vinegars based on the herbs we grow and others we forage for in the local area.  All income from selling our products is invested back into the business enabling us to continue supporting our young people.

You can read more about Herbspace here and browse through our gallery of photos


Herbspace produces a selection of herbal teas and herbal vinegars from herbs we grow or forage for in the area around North Berwick. The teas are made using herbs that are grown, then immediately dried and combined to create a range of delicious flavours. The vinegars are made with apple cider vinegar, in which herbs or berries are infused. They are then sweetened  to create a more balsamic type flavour. More information and a complete list of our products and where you can find them is here. We now also sell direct to customers so please email us at info@herbspace.co.uk for more information or to make an order.



Herbs and their properties

For centuries people used the plants that grew around them to promote their health and well being.  Somehow, over the years, humans have lost this intuitive connection with nature. However, nature powers through and the plants continue to provide health giving properties.

Here are examples of some of the plants that we use in our teas and vinegars and some of their properties and uses that have been recognised for centuries.

N.B. Always seek medical advice if you have any medical concerns!


Contact Us

Please get in touch with us if you would like more information about what we do or to make an order by emailing   info@herbspace.co.uk